Frequently Asked Questions

With your little ones beginning their educational journey, you might have some questions in mind. Listed here are answers to frequently asked questions we receive from our JHS Montissori parents. If you have any remaining queries, kindly direct them to our team at  jhsmontessori@gmail.com or call us at +65 6887 4876

My child is new to your school. Is there anything I can do to help the
teachers get to know him/her better?

Share with us information about your child as this will help us to get to know your child better. Let us know his/her likes/dislikes, favourite activities, food allergies etc.

How can I help prepare my child for school?

Prior to the actual enrolment, you can visit our school with your child. Talk enthusiastically with your child and share with him/her the expected routine.

What must I bring for my child for school?

School bag, small towel and spare set of school uniform (optional if your child should shower at the centre), 2-3pc of pull ups (if not toilet trained), a small towel to be placed in pocket for drying of hands after hand washing and a water bottle.

What is the attire for my child to school?

Your child is required to put on school shirt and shorts (for boys)/skirts (for girls). He/she needs to put on proper white school shoes and socks. (NO slippers allowed for outdoor play) As we head out daily for outdoor play, his/her P.E. T-shirt should be worn daily.

Must my child be toilet trained?

No but we can work closely to help your child be ready for toilet training once he/she is settled down in the school environment.

Does the school give homework to the children?

We do not believe in giving homework to our children as we feel that it is not necessary for children at this young age to do homework. Also, it will cause unnecessary stress to parents and child and your child may lose interest in learning. We would like parents to spend quality and joyful time with your child instead.

What does a typical school day look like at JHS Montessori?

Lessons with different subject teachers is done during our curriculum hours which is from 9:00am to 12:00pm. All meals (see menu) are provided at breakfast, lunch and tea time.

Our afternoon starts with nap time or short rest time (for children that do not require nap) followed by our enrichment classes which include science with our teachers from Magic of Science (https://www.magicofsciencekids.com/), speech & drama with Mr. Tay Lawrence from (https://empower-enrich-singapore.business.site/) and Chinese speech & drama classes with our Mandarin teachers.

Through our daily activities, we want all our children to be equipped with life skills like leadership, sportsmanship, have team spirit and relationship-building, empathy and above all self-confidence and independence.

What classes or programmes does the school offer that help it stand
out from other schools in the area?

Our enrichment from our very well-established service providers are programmes that JHS Montessori is very proud to be in partnership with for the last 10-12 years.

Magic of Science (https://www.magicofsciencekids.com/),
English Speech & Drama with Mr. Tay Lawrence (https://empower-enrich-singapore.business.site/)

Our goals for the different classes and programmes in JHS Montessori are truly to ensure that the children are ready to meet the world with curiosity and strength. We have not changed the theories that Maria Montessori had set out but we have kept up with the times and the curriculum set out for Primary schools to ensure that the children are equipped and we are sure she would have approved of these changes.

What are the transportation options?

Many of our children take the school bus. The school buses must comply with a set of safety requirements from the Land Transport Authority in order to ferry school children. All our buses has a bus attendant on board, have forward-facing seats and all children are required to have a seat belt fasten.

How do you communicate with parents?

As individuals, our children cannot have a standard report card written for them. Therefore, we send photos and written reports for you. We also set aside 20 -30 minutes at each teacher-parent-meet session for each of your children and we discuss their strengths and the areas where we can see them improve with help from both home and school. They do say it takes a village to raise a child.