About Us


At JHS Montessori, children always come first. Their every aspect of growth and achievements are important to us and celebrated with joy. Their total holistic development, learning experience and well-being are always our utmost priority.


Our mission is to provide a quality and holistic environment using the Montessori approach to stimulate the child’s natural desire to learn.

Our philosophy is realised through a programme that seeks to achieve the following goals:


To provide a quality Montessori environment with purposeful classroom activities that help the child develop life-long learning skills.


To respect each child as special and different and he/she constructs knowledge at his/her own pace. The Montessori Method forms the foundation of our teaching approach to help each child realise his/her highest potentials.


To allow each child to exercise his/her own decisions to explore his/her interest of learning so as to nurture him/her to develop decision making skills and confidence. The child takes pride in his/her work.


Our well-trained Montessori directresses with qualifications from MCI and MMI present a wide range of classroom activities using the Montessori materials and methods whereby each has a learning objective. In the process of hands-on experience, our directresses facilitate and support each child’s discoveries and extended learning. The low turn-over at JHS Montessori allows the children to settle well and become confident in their environment.

The Principal and Head Directress, Nicole Lit has been in a Montessori classroom for more than 20 years. She is a firm believer of the school’s philosophy.

“The experiences children have in early childhood shape the brain and the child’s capacity to learn. In our classroom we show the children how to respond to daily stresses and challenges and how to get along with their peers. Every day is a learning journey for the children, my teachers and myself.”

The JHS Community

JHS Montessori formed our very own JHS Parents’ Group in April 2010.
The group actively helps the school with activities.
Some of the events which have been planned were:

Mother’s Day ‘Movie Night’
Father’s Day ‘Cooking with Dad’
Racial Harmony with K2s being ‘entrepreneurs’ for a day
K2 Weekly Reading Programme
Sports Day
Year End Concert

More about the group…
This group of volunteers will together with the school organize events and plan activities for the children throughout the year.

As some parents are able to commit more time compared to others, joining the group does not require you to organize and participate in all the planned activities. Your commitment towards the group can be on an ad-hoc basis.