Our Curriculum
We strongly believe that the Montessori Method educates the total child. We provide a learning environment using the Montessori equipments and approach to introduce a wide range of concepts in a concrete way. The learning environment is organized into the following areas:

Our Programme

Practical life

Children perform practical life exercises which teach them to care for themselves and their environment. In addition, grace and courtesy lessons help them to develop appropriate social skills.

Sensorial materials help to refine the senses so that the child can better appreciate the world around him/her. He/She learns different colours, sounds, tastes and textures. It also increases his/her desire to explore his/her world and allows him/her to constructively categorize all that he/she encounters.

Preparation for reading and writing begins through the phonetic introduction of the sandpaper letters. Word building and the introduction of reading exercises take place through a natural progression depending on a child's personal readiness.

Mathematics include the use of Montessori concrete hands-on learning materials to help the child visualize and understand the concepts. Lessons and activities are introduced simply in the early years and re-introduced again during the following years at increasing degree of abstraction and complexity.

In our Montessori environment, our lessons introduce Geography to the children through continents and country maps. History topics are taught through festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, etc. Children are taught science through conducting simple experiments. 

Music & Movement
Objectives for the children’s learning of music & movement include participation within a group, development of social skills by playing co-operative musical games, improvement of balance and co-ordination, recognition of music rhythm, beats and sounds.

Art & Craft
Art and craft in a Montessori Classroom is a way for children to express their thoughts and creativity. Art and craft is pretty much incorporated into the Cultural and Practical Life areas of the classroom. Here, the children learn to cut, paste and be creative. Children get to express their feelings, the way they see things visually and their views of it. In a Montessori classroom the children have the opportunity to do free art. There are always crayons, markers, paint and an environment available for the children to be creative.

Mandarin lessons are focused on preparing the child for reading and writing through daily activities with our qualified native teachers. Through conversational and fun activities which include music and movement, children build an interest in learning the language.

Our Teachers
Our qualified and caring teachers are trained to handle our Montessori curriculum.