School Hours
7:00am – 1:00pm

7:00am – 7:00pm



Child-Teacher Ratio



Nursery 1 & 2


Kindergarten 1 & 2


Kindergarten 2


School Fees

Fees are paid monthly and is not refundable

Monthly fees (Half Day)

Monthly fees (Full Day)




Nursery 1 & 2



Kindergarten 1 & 2



Half Day & Full Day School Programme fees are payable for every month of the year regardless of public or school holidays, centre closure, absence from Centre, nationwide closure (for example due to SARS, H1N1, etc) or any other reasons. It is payable by 5 th day of each month. Fees paid after the due date (ie. 5 th of each month) will be levied a late charge of $5.00 and fees paid after 10 th of the month will be levied a further additional charge of $10.00

Other Fees

- A non-refundable registration fee of $180.00 is payable upon registration.
- Refundable deposit equivalent to one (1) month’s school fee for the selected programme is payable to secure your child’s placement in the centre is payable upon registration. Our centre reserves the right not to use the deposit to offset the child's programme or other fees.
- The Centre provides a 24-hour world-wide coverage Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy for every student studying in the Centre. This policy is renewed on a yearly basis. Amount payable is $3.50
- Beds for full day programme are priced at $80 (will be returned on child’s last day at Centre)
- Uniforms can be purchase at enrolment. Prices are as follows:
$18.00 per shirt
$18.00 per shorts/skirt
$18.00 per PE t-shirt
$14.00 per school bag

Confirmation of Enrolment for the following year

Parents who want their child to continue attending preschool/kindergarten or other programme at our centre will need to confirm their intention in the form of payment equivalent to one (1) month’s school/programme fee. This fee has to be paid by the end of November and will be treated as the child’s school/programme fee for January in the following year.

Fees for special activities and enrichment classes

Separate fees are payable for special activities e.g. project work, excursions, field trips, annual concert, and special events.


For other enrichment classes such as Coding classes & Hindi classes, where fees are collected, no refund will be made if the child withdraws from these programs or is absent for the classes.

Arrival & Dismissal

Parents must fill in the particulars of the Adult (other than the Parents) authorized to Drop-Off and Pick-Up the child at/from the school.


Please inform the office in advance should there be a change in the Drop-Off and Pick-Up arrangement.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up times are as follows:

Drop Off Hours:

7:00am onwards


1:00pm (Half Day Programme)
7:00pm (Full Day Programme)

Late Pick-Up Penalty

A grace period of 10 minutes is given to parents/guardians/authorized care giver to pick their child or children after school for half day programme. There is no grace period for the full day programme. Parents are to pick their child promptly before or at 7:00pm sharp. A late fee of $10.00 per 5 minutes is payable after the stipulated grace period and time of care. Parents will be given reminders after failing to pick up the child/children punctually for the first 2 times. However, if it happens for a 3 rd time, the penalty charges will be imposed.